Studio for computational design

  • Project

    Merknad (2020)

  • Summary

  • Services

    • Identity design
    • Interactive design
    • Web design
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  • Identity

    Pictograms representing the search for reproducible patterns. Quantifying the unquantifiable – extracting concrete from abstract.

  • Logomark

    Merknad literally means «note» or «remark» in Norwegian. The logomark is an asterisk, which is traditionally used to signal important details in a larger data set.

  • Full logo

    Combining the asterisk with type set in Bandeins Strange – illustrating the contrast between traditional origins and technological improvements.

    Merknad's logo, white on purple.
  • Colors

    Informed by data journalism's origins and move away from traditional news production into a new technological revolution.

  • Website

    Inspired by traditional newspaper storytelling, the website is to-the-point with little superfluous content.

    Illustration showing Merknad's website: the frontpage, the services page, and the join page.
  • Identity (Embed)

    Identity for Merknad Embeds – fragments of source data the user can play around with, immersing themselves with information, adaptable to different contexts.

  • Embeds

    Users can complete exercises to visualize statistics that would otherwise be challenging to absorb.