Studio for computational design

  • Project

    Eksperiment (2022)

  • Summary

  • Services

    • Creative coding
    • Computational design
    • Generative art
    • Experiments
  • Links

  • Fluid geometry

    Built using Javascript (and its native canvas API).

  • Posters 13–15

    «Rain» – study in (increasingly) organic shapes.

  • Posters 9–11

    «Mesh» – study in organic patterns, fluid geometry.

  • Posters 6–8

    «Matrix» – Study in geometry and grids.

    Three generative art posters depicting an outlined red grid of rows and columns featuring dots in random spots with blue lines drawn between them.
  • Pen plotter.

    Plotted edition of poster 6.

    Three photos of a pen plotted generative art poster depicting a simplistic grid of red lines with random blue lines scribbled on top of it.
  • Posters 4–5

    Special edition for Pride Amsterdam 2022.

  • Posters 1–3

    «Waves», «Circle», «Sections» – study in repetitive color gradients.

    Three posters on a black background featuring colorful wave-like patterns.
  • Behind the scenes

    From custom editing interface to plotting lines.

  • Behind the scenes

    Playing around with buttons, sliders and dials.