Studio for computational design

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    Code of Design (wip)

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    • Identity design
    • Digital design
    • Creative direction
    • Web development
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  • The world

    The digital-first world has changed how people get into design – and so has our collective understanding of ethics' role in design.

    Stylized, pixelated pictogram showing a globe.
  • The paths

    Where do we go from here? We're at a turning point. The modern design industry as it exists today is still young, and still moldable.

    Illustration of many arrows in a grid, pointing in different directions.
  • The code

    Code of Design consists of 10 points written by the community itself, from the perspective of the community itself.

  • The website

    Built on simple principles: impact before form, functionality before flair, and language-dynamic rather than English-first. Optimized to last, it should avoid unnecessary dependencies.

  • The community

    This is a start—but we only know what we know. Our point of view is limited to our own experiences.This code belongs to you. Make it yours, make it great.

    Illustration saying: make it yours, make it great. Contribute.