Studio for computational design

  • Project

    Bygdepride '22 (2022)

  • Summary

  • Services

    • Brand strategy
    • Brand identity
    • Creative direction
    • Web development
  • Links

  • Website

    Leveraging the color palette of Gilbert Baker's Pride flag design (1978) to create a dynamic color identity.

  • Website

    Vibrant colors and funky typography come together to create an expression that is both festival and political movement.

  • Billboard

    «Kjærleik er kjærleik», meaning «love is love» in the local language, is the mantra. It's repeated until it's true.

    Illustration of a billboard on the side of a building saying 'Bygdepride' in big letters.
  • Applications

    Reloading the website reveals the next color combination in the order of Gilbert Baker's Pride flag.

  • Devices

    The mantra layout adapts to all surfaces.

    A phone and laptop on a table, showing the Bygdepride website in its orange theme.
  • Posters

    Individual posters come together to form the identity in all its colors.

    Three differently colored posters hanging on a brick wall.
  • Merch

    The 60s-inspired stickers play a primarily digital role, but also come in the form of actual, physical buttons.

  • Merch

    Example of a simpler application using typography, the heart shape and the mantra only.

    A white t-shirt with a heart formed by text saying 'love is love' on the chest.
  • Flag banners

    The beginning of May in Ørsta and Volda is filled with flags in all colors, too.

    An orange flag banner with "Bygdepride" repeated 8 times vertically.